Creative and Affordable Places to Put your Adverts

The advertising is an integral part of your brand and the main way to get new clients or re-engaging with your previous ones. The first thing that comes to people’s mind when it comes to great advertising are masterpieces show cast on tv while main news or events are taking place, but the truth is that great advertising can be found almost anywhere. The Branding Agency can give you excellent tips for new advertising places, because they know better.

A synonym of advertising should be creativeness. While tv adverts are expected to be on major tv shows or radio station, more common places are a great option and won’t break the bank. Here are some of the creative places to put your adverts on.

Public Transportation

Taxicabs, Buses and private vehicles are good advertising spaces that have a good range of brand exposure for the price. Their mobility nature makes them easy to spot for people from different areas rather than people from a single location.


Another effective way of advertising is paying people to hold signs, a sign gains more visibility when a human being is next to it. The human billboard is a cheap and effective way to attract local clients.

Mobile Billboard

Similar to the sign, the mobile billboard consists of a billboard with your advertising designed attached to a vehicle, generally a bicycle, a bike or a scooter. It combines the engaging nature of the sign with the versatility to be taken almost everywhere.

Store Fronts

Probably the most used form of advertising, the storefronts are metal, wood or canvas signs placed in a visible area on the outdoors of your business. The Branding Agency knows it helps the business stand out from the rest of the stores that are close and make it easy for clients to spot your local.